Message from Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

+ Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
+ Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
Tutti abbiamo bisogno di fare esperienza della nutriente forza di Dio attraverso la sapienza e l’amore di coloro che rendono possibile la nostra crescita nella fede



Reverend Father Prior and the Community at Bose
together with all your guests participating in the
sixteenth annual International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality,
18—21 September 2008


Once again, I am happy to be able to send greetings and every blessing to you, Fr Enzo, to all the members of Bose’s beloved community, and to all the delegates at this year’s conference, on the subject of spiritual fatherhood and motherhood.  I much regret that I cannot be with you in person, but I shall be keeping you in my prayers this week.

The subject of your conference reminds us all that no Christian grows to maturity alone.  St Paul more than once speaks of bringing believers to birth and nourishing them towards maturity, and all of us need to experience the nourishing power of God through the wisdom and love of those who make it possible for us to grow in faith.  What is more, we are reminded of the fact that we too may be called to take responsibility for the growth of others, helping to bring them to full life and a fuller knowledge of the new birth in Jesus Christ.

May all your discussions be guided by God in a way that serves the maturity of all believers and the health of Christ’s Church.

Your fellow servant in Jesus Christ:

 [+  Rowan Cantuar:]

 Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury