Printed icons

printed icons of Bose
a manufacturing stage

This workshop was opened in the first years of the community to make the rich artistic heritage of the Christian East known to our friends and guests. In the past it produced copies of ancient icons by pasting printed reproductions on chipboards or multilayered boards.

printed icons of Bose
printed icons of Bose
some printed icons on display
printed icons of Bose
printed icons of Bose
some printed icons on display

Since ten years ago our printed icons have been realized by reproducing only icons painted in our monastery atelier, and by pasting photographs on medium-density fibreboards (MDF) or solid beechwood. In order to protect them and to keep their bright colours, the printed icons are finally spray-varnished.

The size of the icons are as follows:

  • small cm 10x10
  • large cm 30x40

Small-sized icons can be placed on the table by means of a provided base, while large-sized icons can be hung on the wall.

Besides icons, the workshop produces also wooden crosses, by use of fine solid wood, such as mahogany, olivewood, rosewood... Crosses are of two types:

  • wall-hung crosses
  • pectoral crosses

Our printed icons and wooden crosses are on display in the hall next to the reception room of the monastery.




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Printed Icons
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