XVIth International Liturgical Conference - Architecture of Proximity


Monastero di Bose
Ufficio Nazionale per i beni culturali ecclesiastici e l’edilizia di culto – Cei
Consiglio Nazionale Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori

XVIth International Liturgical Conference
Concepts of cathedrals, experiences of communities

BOSE, 31 May- 2 June 2018

Of what “concepts of cathedrals”, that is, of what architecture of proximity and of experience of community do the Church and society, which identifies with an urban environment, have need of today? The Conference will look at the theme of “proximity” of liturgical architecture in different scales, from the apex constituted by cathedrals to peripherical and even frontier movements. In the heart of the city, in fact, the cathedral is the most eloquent metaphor of the Church’s nearness to the human community. A renewed vision of the experience of the community that the Church gives life must correspond to today’s phenomenon of liturgical adjustments of cathedrals. Christian architecture is called upon to be a part of an urban sociology and to interact with it, conscious of contemporary places of social gathering in cities, from a centralized monumental presence (museums, squares) to informal places or non-places.

The conference, open to all, is addressed particularly to architects, liturgists, artists, those responsible for the Church’s patrimony, researchers, university students of architecture and of theology.

Among the speakers: Mario Abis, Goffredo Boselli, Erio Castellucci, Sible De Blaauw, Patrizia Di Monte, Joris Geldhof, Albert Gerhards, Anna Minta, Richard S. Vosko 

Scientific committee
Enzo Bianchi (Bose – President of the Committee), Valerio Pennasso (Rome), Emanuele Borsotti (Bose), Goffredo Boselli (Bose – Responsible for the Conferences), François Cassingena-Trévedy (Paris), Mario Cucinella (Bologna), Bert Daelemans (Madrid), Micol Forti (Vatican City), Albert Gerhards (Bonn), Angelo Lameri (Rome), Andrea Longhi (Turin), Philippe Markiewicz (Paris)