Presentation conferences 1996-2002


Bose, 10-12 May 2002
Bose, 10-12 May 2002

Scripture - Gospel - Church
Bose, 10-12 May 2002

The work of these three days concentrated on the triad “Scripture — Gospel — Church” and sought to bring out the issues and challenges that today are for the most part the same in the various Churches that issued from the Reform and in the Catholic Church. After a historical introduction, so as to examine the methods of Biblical interpretation in the ancient Church and by the Reformers, the conference had as its task to analyze the ecclesial dimension of hermeneutics as well as its “vital” impact, the “necessary risk” of interpretation (without which Scripture remains a “dead letter” and which finds its real culmination in practice and in life). A final practical panel described the “geography of communication in which homiletics moves” as also the dialectic between preaching and sacrament.




Bose, 13-16 May 1999
Bose, 13-16 May 1999

in the history and 
of the Churches 
Bose, 13-16 May 1999

The present ecumenical debate essentially takes into account doctrinal problems and their dogmatic data: does this mean that there is no connection between the problem of unity and spirituality? The 1999 colloquium wanted to ask about the role played by spirituality for the rapprochement between the Churches in the reality of our Christian lives. The different analyses of Christian spirituality have thus discussed the various church traditions in what is specific to each This highlighting of the confessional character of spirituality has permitted at the same time to grasp what possibilities the spiritualities have of openness and of ferment of unity.



God's Word and Eucharist:
a road of unity?
Bose, 16-19 May 1996









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