2008 - Repentance, Conversion, Reconciliation

thumb_CR_2008_locandina600.jpgBose, 1-4 May 2008
5th International Ecumenical Conference on Protestant Spirituality
In collaboration with Theology Departments of the Universities of Strasbourg, Lyon, Geneva, Losanne, and Neuchâtel

Penitence, conversion, reconciliation
Bose, 2-4 May 2008

The topic was treated in an ecumenical perspective according to the classic approach, beginning with Biblical data, then in succession dealing with history, theological systematization, ethics, and practical theology. After a look at the Old Testament and the Pauline letters, the theme was treated according to historical periods: developments in the patristic age, conflicts in the medieval period before the Reform, the understanding of penitence among the Reformers, Roman theology after Vatican II. The Systematic theology and ethics were examined from two confessional angles, Catholic and Protestant. Finally, an ecumenical approach was offered through an ample presentation, given by a delegation of seven representatives, of what the Dombes Group has done regarding the topic of the conversion of the Churches, central for the unity of all Christians.


ANGELO BIANCINI, The prodigal son, Stone sculpture - h 200 cm ca., Castel Bolognese - Ravenna (Italy)
ANGELO BIANCINI, The prodigal son

Vth International Ecumenical Conference
on Protestant Spirituality

Thursday 1 - Sunday 4 May 2008
Repentance, Conversion, Reconciliation

In collaboration with

Faculté de théologie protestante de Strasbourg
Faculté de théologie catholique de Strasbourg
Faculté de théologie catholique de Lyon
Fédération romande des Facultés de théologie
(Genève, Lausanne, Neuchâtel)
Facoltà valdese di teologia di Roma
Monastero di Bose




Friday 2 May

9:00 am

Opening of the Conference

Biblical approach

Repentance and Conversion
in the Prophecies of the Old Testament
Luciano Manicardi (Bose)

Why and How Paul Speaks of «Reconciliation»
Andreas Dettwiller (Geneva)

Work in groups

3:30 pm 

Historical approach

Which Models for Thinking
the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Middle Ages?

Didier Gonneaud (Lyon)

Catholic Penitential Practices in the Last Two Centuries
Daniel Moulinet (Lyon)

Do We Need Penance?
Hans-Christoph Askani (Geneva)

Debate and discussion

8:30 pm

For the Conversion of the Churches.
The Work of the Dombes Group
Matthias Wirz (Bose)

Roundtable with the members of the Dombes Group attending the Conference


Saturday 3 May

9:00 am

Pastoral approach

The Sacrament of Reconciliation. A Catholic Approach
Jean François Chiron (Lyon)

Penance and Confession
as Themes of Pastoral Theology in the Reformed Churches
Ermanno Genre (Rome)

Penitential Practices in the Orthodox Churches
Aurélien Marinescu (Strasbourg)

Debate and discussion

3:30 pm 

Ethical approach

Conversion and Sanctification
Karsten Lehmkühler (Strasbourg)

Dialogue, Reconciliation, and Gratitude
Yves Labbé (Strasbourg)

Work in groups


Sunday 4 May

9:30 am

André Birmelé and Michel Deneken (Strasbourg)

General discussion

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