Instead of thinking about yourself, stand in awe of the One who is speaking to your heart and of the food which is being offered to you - sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but always good nourishment. Be amazed that you are welcoming the Word into your heart here and now, without having to travel to the heavens or beyond the seas to find it (cf. Dt 30:11-14). Let yourself be drawn by the Word and transformed into the image of the Son of God, without your even knowing how. The Word which you have received is your life, your joy, your peace and your salvation. God is speaking to you. You need to listen in amazement. Like the Hebrews who witnessed the great works of the Exodus, and like Mary who sang: 'God has done great things in me, holy is his name' (Lk 1:49), you too should be marveling! God is revealing himself to you. The face of your Beloved, the unspeakable Name of God. Open your heart in welcome! This is the time for faith! God is teaching you directly to model your life on the life of the Son. God is giving himself to you in the Word. Welcome God as you would embrace and hold the infant Christ. God is giving you a holy kiss, being wed to you as Lover and Beloved. Let your heart celebrate the One who is Love, stronger than death, stronger than sheol, stronger than your sins. God is giving birth to you as logos, as word, as child. Meditation, rumination should lead you to this: to become a dwelling-place for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Your heart is a sanctuary. Your whole persan is a temple. This is the theandric reality: the mystery of the divine in the human.


From: ENZO BIANCHI, Praying the Word, An Introduction to «Lectio Divina»,
Cistercian Publication, Kalamazoo 1998
, pp. 95-97.